FUPBURGER - Norfolk & Suffolk’s OG Purveyors Of Gourmet Filth

We make filthy gourmet burgers and sides. You do the rest.

From the street food stands of the summer to permanent kitchen residencies in only the very best boozers, FUPBURGER has arrived.

Made from 35 day dry aged beef. Balled and smashed on site, it's a burger you won't forget.

Takeaway booking slots go live 4 days prior to point of service, so don’t panic if it’s Sunday and you can’t book for the following Friday, simply log back in within the timeframe.


We will no longer be serving FUPBURGER’s from The Dog House. Please say hello to FUPPER'S DIRTY CLUCKIN' CHICKEN SHOP who are taking over the kitchen there.

Panic not though, our trademark beef operation is only on a short pause as we've quite simply outgrown a pub without a kitchen! Please look out for multiple brand new locations across the city increasing the catchment and delivery zones for EVERYONE!

Thanks as always for your unfaltering loyalty and support. We fuppin' love you!

Tom and the crew xxx

FUPPER’S DIRTY CLUCKIN’ CHICKEN SHOP - The Dog House 18 St Georges St, Norwich NR3 1BA
Pub opening times:

16:00 til 22:00 Monday (Burgz til 9pm)
12:00 til 22:00 Tuesday to Thursday. (
Burgz til 9pm)

12:00 til 01:00 Friday & Saturday. (Burgz til 9pm)

12:00 til 18:00 Sunday. (Burgz to continue a TA service til 8pm)

TEL: 07949 131443

FUPBURGER - The Harbour Inn. Bridge House, Royal Thoroughfare, Royal Plain, Lowestoft NR33 0AG
Food opening times:

CLOSED Monday & Tuesday during off season.

16:00 til 21:00 Wednesday to Friday.

12:00 til 21:00 Saturday & Sunday

TEL: 07399 017425

*do not rely on social media if you need to contact us, gizza bell just like in the olden days*